Live, Laugh & Learn

A new Concept Coffee Shop to inspire friends and family time

Good Food

Quality barista coffee, fragrant teas & traditional feel good food 
from here & around the world...
everything market fresh and from scratch, like grandmas used to do, with TLC, a personal twist & super healthy!

​Good Vibes

A unique Concept Coffee Shop in Barcelona  
with a cozy atmosphere
& friendly service, 
for spending quality time 
with friends & family

​​Good Kids

Inspiring & creative workshops,
specially designed and dedicated areas for all ages: toddlers, tweens & teens and whoever is taking care of them that day... 



Welcome to your new Barcelona concept coffee shop 

A new, unique Good Vibes daily neighborhood meeting place, ideal for enjoying quality, barista style coffees and fine, fragrant, freshly brewed teas.

All our brews are sourced froma local Catalán family company, ecological, from fair trade suppliers and partners, and packaging is biodegredable so you can actively participate in our efforts for drinking world changing cups of coffee. ​

Goodies for Foodies 

You love to eat, but you are... on a diet? On a serious training programme? Allergic? Vegetarian? Good Things is THE spot in Barcelona to find truly localicious, home cooked, healthy & Feel Good Food for all ages and heritages. Simple goodies for foodies, and all at affordable prices.

Or do you want to indulge after all that healthy food? A decadent selection of cakes, pies and desserts, home baked with TLC... breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacktime: any time is a good time to discover what Rosie's Good Things really means!

Inspiring & Creative Workshops

Join us for a stimulating selection of Inspiring & Creative Workshops for Good Kids and young at heart not-so-kids, a special place to encourage spending quality time together. 

Rosie´s Good Things: our friendly team works with pleasure to create a warm, cozy place to come back to again and again, with friends and family...

... because, well, doesn´t everyone want the Good Things in life?  


Quiche, Eggs & Crêpes
 These wonderfully versatile dishes can be enjoyed sweet or savory, any time of the day… breakfast, brunch, lunch, late lunch, snack or tea time… discover specialties that are local traditions, and from around the world!  ​​
Traditional & Localicious​
 Mom and Grandma “FeelGoodFood”, because we don’t want to lose sight of our roots, so at Good Things we nurture tradition, from here and from other homes around the world. Whether it is a hearty stew, a special gourmet entrée, a family secret dessert, or a special ​celebration dish, we are always​​
 introducing traditional and seasonal specialties ... so come back to Good Things to go back to the Good Things of the Past. (ok, that last sentence was really long and did not turn out that great… but you get what I mean, and we're better in the kitchen, really… ;) 
Love: Good Food
Traditional from here and around the world
Woodfire Oven 
One of the healthiest ways of cooking without fats, and full of flavor, nothing beats the aroma of a woodfired oven… you simply cannot miss out on our slow cooked roasts, woodsmoked vegetables, our own specialty bread and of course, why not, a lovely mini cocca!
 At Rosie’s Good Things we have found the perfect balance between Health and Delicious. Our travels around the world have taught us all the secrets of how the herbs and spices of each culture add the perfect “zing” and aroma to make unforgettable mouthwatering dishes. A healthy and fantastically flavorful selection of locally sourced farm fresh products often prepared with herbs and spices from our very own lovingly tended urban herb garden. 
Cakes, Pies & Sweets
The perfect counterpart to all that healthy food… everything is lovingly home baked at Rosie’s Good Things: from my mom’s zucchini bread, to multilayered spongy cakes, traditional Localicious Desserts (Local+Delicious… bear with me!), sweet pancakes and crêpes… with a selection of healthy choices to allow you that much needed sweet tooth indulgence without (too much) guilt!! With coffee in the morning, brunch, after lunch or for tea time… any time is a Good Time for our home baked Good Things!
Seasonal Good Greens
 Sure we can get things out of season, but they just taste so much better when they are IN season. Especially fruits and veggies. And we take particular care and  know how to delight guests who have special preferences and needs, with truly yummy food for vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerant, celiacs…​​

Also, don’t miss out on our fresh made smoothies and salads, and discover delightful everchanging combinations to deal with every special moment in your day/life (energy boosters, antioxidants, weight watchers, full meal... even hangovers find some feel good food!)​​

Anytime is a Good Time
Barcelona´s Best Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Tea Time
Seriously, this is the best place to eat in Barcelona.  Our simple & healthy choice of mouthwatering specialties means you can come back anytime of the day with friends and/or family, kids and not-so-kids, to discover our everchanging specials of the day/week/month… everyone will find their favorites!
Low Fat - Low Carb - Low Calories
How low can you go??
Raise your hand if you love Good Food but are always watching what you eat and wondering if it will affect the clothes shrinking virus in your closet… my hand is WAY up there! At Rosie’s Good Things we understand this perfectly and have geared each and every aspect of our simple Good Food to ensure you have enough choices low on EVERYTHING except FLAVOUR… and pleasure!
Or is it your naughty day? No worries, plenty of delicious indulgence is also your way!!
Slow Cooked Meat Specialties
We are Meatlovers Too!
The best restaurants in Barcelona, including Rosie's Good Things, are jumping on the Slow Cook bandwagon, achieving an incredible busrt of flavour in fall-apart joints of the best beef in town. Have it as a main with its fantastic drippings, in a crunchy sandwich or even in our crêpes. A Must Try!
who wants to shop, cook and then clean when renting a holiday place? THAT's not a holiday!! Better find a cozy neighbourhood coffee shop that can serve you from the simplest coffee and toast all the way up to a full brunch platter with eggs, toast, bacon, salmon... whatever you want! 
With international themed platters that include fragrant coffee and fresh orange juice, you will also have a wide choice of vegetarian, healthy, gluten and lactose free options, as well as fruit smoothies, and a small but very nice selection of specialty brunch coctails, sparkiling drinks and fine local wines.  
Discover the first of The Brunch Clubs Barcelona by Rosie`s Good Things!!! 

Take full advantage of our fantastic woodburning oven and order ahead your roast... what would you like to impress your friends and family with? We can do it all: lamb, beef, pork, chicken, duck, turkey, whole fish and even vegetables have a unique flavour and texture when slow cooked in our unique woodfire oven... and as always, with a healthy lifestyle in mind, this is a low fat and full flavour way of cooking.
So why cook? Enjoy the Good Things in life without lifting a finger... well, just the finger to dial 692418594 and order 48hrs ahead for the perfect woodfire roast!

Easy, no fuss, no mess snacks and finger food for business meetings.
Freshly made canapés, minisandwiches, mini salads, and small desserts and cut seasonal fruit all as always made from scratch with the freshest market ingredients at affordable prices.

Have a Power Lunch and need to keep the troops properly fuelled to ensure top productivity and no distractions?  Call Good Things 692 418 594 and order 48 hrs ahead 
Birthdays - Babyshowers - Workshop Teambuilding & Events - First Communions - Anniversaries...

Let us be your partner in creating a wonderful event in a unique cozy venue, so your guests feel at home, but we do all the work :) !!

Specialised and fully tailor made menus to adjust to your needs and your budget, luminous and fesh atmosphere, professional service are just a few of the advantages of organising your party at Rosie´s Good Things, and we can reserve the best area most suited to your needs, even privatise the entire restaurant! 

For Great Little Celebrations call us on 692 418 594 and we will be glad to take care of every detail to make YOU look good!
Takeaway Whole Cakes & Pies

Cakes and pies for any and every occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, babyshowers, and 100% personalised to your colours and decoration, as elegant or as funny or cute as you like it, let us help you find inspiration and wow your friends with a moist, delicious cake exactly to your liking!

Call Good Things 692 418 594 and order 48 hrs ahead 
Laugh: Good Vibes 
Quality time with Friends & Family
Learn: Good Kids 
Inspiring & Creative Workshops
Why is it that people love Rosie’s Good Things Coffee Shop?
Is it the welcoming urban garden by the door?
All the cosy spaces for catching up with friends?
The unique space to keep kids under control and happily entertained (and, ahem, stay out of the way of other guests ;))?
The reading corner with its special topics for young and old?
The opportunity to meet and hang with other people through creative and inspiring workshops…. ?

Or maybe, maybe, it has something to do with our super friendly, genuinely welcoming team and just enjoying Good Food ?
Yep, that must be it!! Click here to join the Rosie’s Good Vibes Family.
Good Things is more than a wonderful place to have Good Food for Kids, a healthy breakfast, brunch, lunch or tea time…

We believe naughty children become Good Kids automatically when they are entertained and their imagination is encouraged. At Good Things we help educate and nurture Good Kids. Toddlers, Tweens, Teens plus everything and anything in between…

Whether it´s with mom, and/or dad, an aunt or uncle, grandparents or friends,  we need a special space to strengthen bonds of family and friends. Inspiring and creative workshops are organized regularly to encourage imagination, make friends, and spend quality time together.

Don’t miss out on our next Inspiring & Creative Workshops
Wine tastings, olive oil tastings... and for the little people with or without a minder: magic workshops, building workshops, urban garden workshops, music, pottery, cooking... and many more seasonal specials!

Family Cooking Barcelona
Family Cooking Barcelona are workshops for healthy and yummy cooking, and so easy they can be enjoyed by the whole family, from the youngest to the not so youngest  :) Family Cooking is a fun and 100% hands-on way of spending quality time with the family. We put aside modern technology for 2 hours and, with all hands on deck, we make a full 3 course menu, and eat it all up afterwards! Each one learns about and appreciate each ingredient, finding interrezting healthy and yummy alternatives to enjoy each meal and to discover easy habits for a healthier lifestyle. Also, the workshops are in Spanish AND in English. Come and discover some of Rosie's Good Things secrets to healthy living, learn easy recipes to impress friends and family at home, and practice your language skills... Join Us!!

Family Fun Barcelona
Family Fun Barcelona are family workshops where we encourage quality family time and we help protect the ozone layer, using everyday recycled materials to create pretty artwork and practical objects. Moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandparents, everyone can spend a fun and creative time with the children, and do their part in the social actions we take from Rosie's Good Things Barcelona and as always, putting aside modern technology for 1 or 2 hours in favour of getting our hands dirty and spending a little educational time with the little people... Join us!!!

Good Food Gallery
  1. Always time for your favourite cuppa!
    Always time for your favourite cuppa!
  2. Barcelonas Best Eggs
    Barcelonas Best Eggs
  3. Healthy Bites
    Healthy Bites
  4. Simple, Healthy and Supertasty!
    Simple, Healthy and Supertasty!
  5. Wood Oven Roast Vegetables
    Wood Oven Roast Vegetables
  6. License to Grill
    License to Grill
  7. Mini Pizza Delights from our Woodburning Oven
    Mini Pizza Delights from our Woodburning Oven
MORE Good Food
  1. Thursdays are Rice Days!
    Thursdays are Rice Days!
  2. healthy and tasty alternatives for mouthwateringly delicious, but low fat, low carb, low calory diets
    healthy and tasty alternatives for mouthwateringly delicious, but low fat, low carb, low calory diets
  3. Lovely & Light only at Rosie's Good Things
    Lovely & Light only at Rosie's Good Things
  4. Fresh Powerfood & Superfood
    Fresh Powerfood & Superfood
  5. Low Fat Low Calory Low Carb... how low can you go?
    Low Fat Low Calory Low Carb... how low can you go?
Even MORE Good Food
  1. No lactose? No problem!
    No lactose? No problem!
  2. daily fresh fish selection, grilled to perfection
    daily fresh fish selection, grilled to perfection
  3. combi soft and crunch for breakfast & brunch
    combi soft and crunch for breakfast & brunch
  4. fresh herbs and spice and everything nice!
    fresh herbs and spice and everything nice!
  5. wood fire roasts, meat, fish, veggies...
    wood fire roasts, meat, fish, veggies...
  6. super tall quiche is delish!
    super tall quiche is delish!

... or just do yourself a flavour & drop by at anytime to share a simple but heartwarming cuppa with us...

...barista specialty coffees, cappucchino, latte, spiced coffee, natural decaf, fragrant herbal infusions, irresistible hot chocolates, winter and summer specialties, matcha, barley coffee, carajillos, ...
About Us

Growing up with travelling parents pretty much decided my wandering and adventurous lifestyle for me: it's been 40+ years of roving the entire world, from Europe to South Africa, America & the Caribbean to the Middle East, opening my mind to cultures as fascinating as they are diverse.

In the last 25 years, my travels were for very special hospitality projects around the world, specialising in helping projects to work properly, creating stable business, jobs and economic growth for hotel chains and private owners.

But somehow, from all my travels, I tend to remember each wonderful place for... its food!! I have grown to love the blend of herbs and spices special to each culture, from the earthy, true-to-my-childhood rosemary, thyme, paprika, cilantro and sage, to the wonderfully exotic and fragrant spices like cumin (my favourite!), cardamon (with coffee!!), ginger, cinnamon, clove... and a fair dash of hot spice where it fits in! Grills and woodfired ovens are also a must for that unique touch and flavour.

I have now hung up my wandering hat to settle in what is essentially my home town, Barcelona, because it is by far the best place on earth (and I've been around!). With a young, dynamic team, Rosie's Good Things emerges from the joining of two concepts close to my heart to better Live, Laugh & Learn:

A new, unique Good Vibes daily neighborhood meeting place, ideal for enjoying quality, barista style coffee and fine, fragrant, freshly brewed tea and simple good food, healthy and full of flavour, on the one hand. 

And on the other hand, the wish to encourage quality time with family and friends, especially the younger ones, to open their minds and inspire them through their imagination, re-introducing the traditional values of playing with time-honored toys and reading books, getting hands dirty, tickling their creative skills, and using electronics effectively for useful and very interesting research. 

Whether it´s with mom, and/or dad, an aunt or uncle, grandparents or friends,  we need a special space to strengthen bonds of family and friends. Inspiring and creative workshops are organized regularly to encourage imagination, make friends, and spend quality time together.

In addition, we try to use wherever possible recycled/recyclable/compostable materials, and work with fair trade and the most fresh market products from around here, to encourage local business growth, and well, because we do have the best farms and grow the best fruits and vegetables here in Spain, sunkissed by our warm Mediterranean sun!

So, my team and I hope hope to welcome you soon, we are looking forward to getting to know you, and that you will become one more of our friendly family.

Hasta pronto!

Maria Rosa & The Good Things Team

Where to find us:
Get in touch:
​Rosie's Good Things
Calle Diputación 309
08009 - Barcelona
(+34) 93 13 88 460
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